David Sinclair 教授 NMN 與肌肉衰老

癌症引起的肌肉損失沒有有效的治療方法。 NRK2 基因在產生 NAD+ 的過程中將 NR 轉化為 NMN,該基因在患有癌症的小鼠和人類中較低,導致線粒體缺陷。 患有癌症的小鼠服用 NR 前體菸酸(150 毫克/公斤)後,其 NAD+ 含量更高,肌肉損失更少👏🏻 它會抵消正常的肌肉衰老嗎?

原文為 Dr David Sinclair Twitter

Cancer-induced muscle loss has no effective treatment. The NRK2 gene, which converts NR to NMN on its way to making NAD+, is lower in mice and humans with cancer, resulting in defects in mitochondria. Mice with cancer given the NR precursor nicotinic acid (150 mg/kg) have more… pic.twitter.com/eP9WeSX34R

— David Sinclair (@davidasinclair) July 3, 2023

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